At Korbel Partners we genuinely enjoy the thrill of the chase.

To put it plainly, we love to headhunt. We know that the right candidate can literally be worth millions of dollars to your company. If your company does well, Korbel Partners does well, and vice-versa. These beliefs drive us to continually dig deep to find the right candidates for you. Our success in the market has come down to an adherence to three core values: Relationship, Focus and Speed.

It's easy to sacrifice relationship on the altar of aggression. All of us involved in these industries are moving so fast that we can forget that a strong relationship is the backbone of effective business. Solid relationships with our clients are a foundational value of Korbel Partners. Because we build strong client relationships, we are able to really understand your company's culture and needs, which then allows us to target the right candidates. Some companies don't realize it, but when you hire a headhunter, you are hiring a personal evangelist who is taking your company's message into the market everyday. At Korbel Partners, we take this responsibility seriously.

We believe that a foundational imperative to successful business is focus. At Korbel Partners, we don't want our performance to be average or adequate, we want to be the best that you have ever worked with. This focus allows us to build relationships and synergy with candidates in the market, which benefits every new client we work with. Also, we think it's important for you to know that we work with a small number of clients that have multiple needs. This allows us to get to know your company and gives us the room to focus and provide you with the right candidates.

At Korbel Partners, we believe that one of our greatest values to you is time; the time we can save you in presenting the right candidates, and the speed with which we find those candidates. Our value-add is greatest in critical situations. Let's face it; to succeed in this market, breakneck speed is essential. We can help you succeed by working on your most pertinent and time sensitive needs.

The Process

One thing we have strived to do at Korbel Partners is keep the search process as simple as possible.

Step One – Discovery

The first step in the process is a detailed, front-end conversation about specific hiring needs. At this time we typically identify what type of search will be best suited for your hiring needs, i.e. a retained vs. contingency search. In the case of specific, high-level or senior management searches, you may need us to dedicate our time to finding the right candidate in a specified time period. At this point we gather all necessary information and requirements, identify target companies and/or individuals and set a timeline for the search. In the case of multiple needs across different parts of your organization, we would gather information on all of the open searches and send you candidates as we discover them.

Step Two – Delivery
Once all the guidelines are set for the search, we work together as a team, scouring the market to find the right candidate or candidates. When potential candidates are identified, we will deliver to you all information we have gathered on those candidates, such as resumes, general information about past and recent positions held, current salary information, salary expectations, relocation expectations and any additional information that has been identified in the Discovery phase. We then work directly with hiring managers and your recruiting team to coordinate all necessary interviews.

Step Three – Closing

Once a candidate has reached an offer stage, we work directly with you on putting together an offer to the candidate. Some clients prefer to make their own offers. Others rely on us to communicate offers directly to the candidate. In the case of a retained search, we will also complete reference checks on the candidate. After an offer is accepted, we work directly with the candidate on their transition by solidifying a start date and assisting them with their resignation and any other loose ends that may exist.